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The history of this enchanting villa began in 1906 when it was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman residence, in the rural area in San Costanzo, facing the well-known Villa Torricella.

Historically owned by the Ambrogi family, the villa was built according to Art Nouveau principles, following the architectural fashions of the early Twentieth Century, decorated with stucco mouldings with floral motifs and masks. The sophisticated style and precious inlays resulted in its immediate recognition as one of the greatest examples of Liberty style villas in Capri.

Nowadays, of the Roman residence the Park preserves an Egyptian alabaster column and a wide staircase that can be admired at the entrance, while the elegant Art Nouveau style has remained unchanged over time and it still represents a distinctive element of the building.

"Il Parco" Hotel

Twenty years after its construction, on May 14, 1926, Omero Ambrogi turned it into "Hotel Il Parco", whose management was then entrusted to Alfredo Lucibello from 1927.

Initially the structure included, in addition to the main body of three floors, a secondary wing connected with a pergola terrace and 30 beds. Between 1936-37, according to the Baedeker guide, the rooms indicated were 9 with 16 beds.

After the last World War, "Il Parco" was renamed "Hotel Excelsior Parco" and around 1960 it was expanded under the ownership of Luigi Petagna, reaching 30 rooms in that same year. After his death, the property passed to Ermanno Petagna.

Today the Hotel Excelsior Parco continues to provide exceptional hospitality to the visitors of Capri.

Architectural Inspirations

Within Excelsior Parco you can breathe in the history of the island, evoked through the style of some legendary places of Capri: the overlooking Villa Torricella and the renowned Villa Lysis. The first, clearly visible from the sea, was built in the early 1900s and is still beautiful today with its eclectic and arabesque decorations. The second was chosen in 1904 by the French poet and dandy Adelsward Fersen as his place of exile: an example of neoclassical architecture enriched with precious Art Nouveau elements.

Il Parco decided to pay homage to both by revisiting two of its most evocative rooms, Deluxe Fersen Suite and Deluxe Torricella where, the ensemble of Art Nouveau furnishings and choice of luxury furnishing, in harmony with the spectacular views of the sea, give guests the sensation of experiencing the island's past splendors.

Art Nouveau

The ornamental elements of the interiors recall Art Nouveau: floral furnishings, sinuous shapes, blue majolica tiles and motifs inspired by nature blend with the colors of the sky and the sea, which can be observed from the panoramic terraces of each room.

Thus, every environment becomes unique and tells its own story through styles and refined decorations that live in harmony with the island creating, from the internal atmospheres to the boundless outdoor spaces, a continuum of beauty suspended in time.

Cultural Events

The majestic building, surrounded by the rocks of Capri and its privileged position where you can enjoy wide and evocative views of the Gulf of Naples, transformed the island into a meeting place for artists and intellectuals who would gather there to discuss culture, art and philosophy.

Today, this ancient tradition is kept alive through vernissage, art exhibitions, debates and conferences . An appointment that is renewed every year with the "Conversations at Sunset" organized in collaboration with the "Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio".